A Letter

...from our executives

Hello and welcome to Foundations Choreography!

Foundations Choreography was created as a space for beginning and intermediate dancers to grow, train, and challenge themselves. For us, as well as the many dancers who began their dance journey with Foundations Choreography, this organization was not just a space to train, but also our home. Over the years, Foundations Choreography has become the place where members form lasting friendships while also growing as dancers. Every quarter, we are amazed at the growth of our dancers - many of whom have never danced before. Some took the training that they received from Foundations Choreography and have even moved on to UCLA competitions teams; it is heartening to see these dancers are returning and giving back to the organization that gave them their start.

Dancing is not easy, and we are excited to provide a welcoming environment for beginning and intermediate dancers to build themselves. We, alongside our leadership, are dedicated to creating that space, and to help the organization grow. We hope you enjoy your experience at Foundations Choreography!

Marcea Suwandi and Tenn Shaun Lim


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Spring 2017-18


Spring 2017-18

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Spring 2017-18


Spring 2017-18